GBNJ Fleet Vehicles


Written By: Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator

GBNJ has always had more then one vehicle, in recent years the only one that could even match the equipment of the infamous ECTO-1 is Bill’s ECTO-FJ Cruiser. Which is why when we launched the latest version of we only had a page for our franchise’s ectomobile. In the months and year + since as we’ve met, become friends with, and hired more personnel we’ve been able to expand our operations, not just in the number of people, with an increase of vehicles as well.

I created a new Fleet Vehicles page to reflect this area of GBNJ’s growth. More classics may be on the way.

Jersey Shore Comic Book Show November 2014


On November 16, 2014 Ghostbusters NJ personnel and North Jersey Ghostbusters (Facebook) met up at Central/South Jersey’s premiere comic show, Jersey Shore Comic Book Show. As guests we were given not one, but three tables which we didn’t know about beforehand. Fortunately we had a decent amount of suits, gear, ectoplasm, (they were in jars) The Real Ghostbusters toys, and promotional material with us.

We were well received by the organizers and attendees of all ages. Since we didn’t wreck the town’s Elks Lodge we’ve been invited back for JSCBS upcoming show in March 2015. Continue reading

We Got One…A New Domain

Richard Roy, Resident Site Guy

For most of Ghostbusters-NJ’s web presence we’ve had an easy to say, spell, and remember web address. It began with a dot com, evolved to a dot info, (because of its original freeness) and became wordy (that’s my fault) as GBNJ was entering its 10 year as a Ghostbusters Incorporated franchise. Which is the same time we moved to better web quarters away from our previous hosting company. Continue reading

Site Updates: Links & Contact Pages


Written By Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator/Resident Site Guy

In September 2013 Ghostbusters NJ relaunched our long time website, improving upon what had become before. If web pages could smell brand new, it did. Like the new car analogy I thought of a moment ago GBNJ didn’t have every option. I hadn’t created a Links page. Ghostbusters International (Ghostbusters Incorporated from the 30th Anniversary) and Ecto-Containment did and have plenty of Ghostbusters related links. Continue reading

GBNJ The Series: Episode 1 News

GBNJ Films announces the start of The Ghostbusters New Jersey web series.  I figure this is the best time to release this being Comic-Con and all, but the pilot episode for the new web series has been filmed, and our production staff is hard at work editing the episode now.  Keep watching this spot for updates including a release date for episode 1.


Not the kitchen scene.

Starring in order of self importance:
  • Bill Malkin
  • Robert Wurm
  • Greg McHugh
  • Stephanie Malkin
  • And Introducing for the first time: Martin Inglebrandt