Janine’s Journal


Written By: Richard Roy Wannabe Director

Prior to last weekend’s comic cons an idea was taking shape. Its because of the creative visions of Richard Roy and Annie. If it wasn’t for her, their couldn’t be a Janine’s Journal. You think the Janine would let us film her a bit on the spot?

What is Janine’s Journal? Can we trademark that? Its her insight into what its like to be the Ghostbusters receptionist. We filmed two entries, the first was recorded using my MacBook. The second video is more of Janine working before GBNJ brings on the funny. Continue reading

GBNJ Site Updates


Last week after a Ghostbusters NJ meeting paperwork and photos were completed for new and revised updates. The next day was Columbus Day and why do any work unless we’re being paid. Plus there was that whole government shut down thing. Which doesn’t affect us much unless we’re saving some form of government and would have to wait for back pay.

During the week I was updating major areas of the site. “What did you do Rich?”

  1. Revised About page.
  2. Revised Personnel pages.
  3. Added pictures for our Services.
  4. Two new Technology pages.
  1. New Equipment pictures
  2. New Video and Leeds Curse graphics.
  3. The above modified hand truck graphic.

Richard Roy

Photo Source: PSD Graphics

Leeds’ Curse


Are you a ghosthead who loves Ghostbusters films and are tired of waiting for the professionals to make one? Do you enjoy fan produced Ghostbusters films by ghostheads with very little acting experience and semi professional effects? Great, because in Fall 2006 Ghostbusters NJ personnel made one for ghostheads like us. I even filmed an entire movie while on prescribed medication and traveling 61 miles.

Leeds’ Curse (not to be confused with any other movie with a curse in it) is our first franchise movie. It’s based on the idea that Ghostbusters NJ has to track down the Jersey Devil. That’s not an easy task, supernatural stuff happens, and because of “last minute” reshoots I end up in jail.

Leeds’ Curse can be watched from Ghostbusters News You Tube channel. Or the 67MB file can be downloaded from the following sites owned by us:



We also have a Behind The Scenes page from Leeds’ Curse I recreated this evening.

Richard Roy, GBNJ Webmaster