30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Screenings Photos

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 Written By: Richard Roy, Web Developer (Not Photo Developer)

Remember the multiple 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Screenings we went to back in August and early September? We don’t either. 😀

Within that week we had all the photos from the multiple Jersey screenings we think we were going to have. During September (I think) I organized the pictures from the four official Ghostbusters screenings. Then didn’t upload them as at the time I wasn’t sure if we were going to write about the events. Also, the nationwide, then eventual international 30th Anniversary screenings wrapped around a busy September and October for the film franchise. I covered as much of it as I could for GB Inc. For all the food press I didn’t get one official Ghostbusters donut or a home made cup cake. :/

As Ghostbusters 30th anniversary was wrapping up in the space time continuum I wanted to complete our 10th year in business with new site content, which maybe could have been on the site sooner.

On December 30, 2014 I created three new pages for the 30th Anniversary screenings from:

  1. Cinemark
  2. AMC Monmouth Mall
  3. Clifton/Wayne AMCs

As I headed to Essex County to see Ghostbusters in Clifton with further travel to Rt. 23 to meet up with North Jersey Ghostbusters in Wayne I wrote about the events.


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