Do you want to win free black slime at Ghostbusters Expo 9?


Written By: Tom Gebhardt, GBNJ Public Relations Director

For every person that comes and grabs someone from our Ghostbusters New Jersey staff, to a zombie they find at Expo Martial Arts Comic Con 9, we’ll bust that zombie and you’ll get a free prize of black slime!

Photo Source: Alternative Matters

Ghostbusters NJ Upcoming Events January To April 2015


Written By Richard Roy, Web Dude

Going into the third day of 2015 we’re adding events GBNJ, North Jersey Ghostbusters, and Ghostbusters NJ members may be attending from January to around April 2015. This post can be updated as events are added or removed. Additional blog posts may be written about individual events. Either way, please check our site and respective social media outlets.

You mean we’re in the future?

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Personnel News: Ghostbusters NJ Hires Janine Melnitz



Yes, you read that right. We hired Janine Melnitz. Not the Janine. You think we could afford her salary? Ghostbusters New Jersey has brought aboard Brianna, Janine Melnitz’s intern. Brianna studies GHOSTBUSTERS #1 employee as she endeavors to become Ghostbusters New Jersey’s official secretary.

Which let’s face it, for us was an easy decision as we don’t really want to answer the phones or see if clients paid us with VISA. Besides we’re usually busy with keeping The Garden State safe from ghosts and what about those trips to Wawa?

We’ve added Brianna aka Janine Melnitz bio to our Personnel section.

Jersey Shore Comic Book Show November 2014


On November 16, 2014 Ghostbusters NJ personnel and North Jersey Ghostbusters (Facebook) met up at Central/South Jersey’s premiere comic show, Jersey Shore Comic Book Show. As guests we were given not one, but three tables which we didn’t know about beforehand. Fortunately we had a decent amount of suits, gear, ectoplasm, (they were in jars) The Real Ghostbusters toys, and promotional material with us.

We were well received by the organizers and attendees of all ages. Since we didn’t wreck the town’s Elks Lodge we’ve been invited back for JSCBS upcoming show in March 2015. Continue reading

Jersey Shore Comic Book Show


It won’t look anything like this.

Posted By: Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator

On Sunday, November 16, 2014 Ghostbusters NJ and North Jersey Ghostbusters (Facebook) staff will be attending the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show, South Jersey’s not so large and only (we think) comic con. If getting an opportunity to meet us isn’t enough, the Avengers could be there. And Batman. A Man Of Steel too!

Oh alright, fans may be at JSCBS dressed as their favorite Marvel and DC characters. One character you won’t be able to miss because he’s real and wears red is Santa Clause. The real one, not that one time Bill dressed as Santa with a Proton Pack which Ghostbusters International milked for all it was worth. And they could still again if they have the file. 😀 Continue reading