Jersey Shore Comic Book Show


It won’t look anything like this.

Posted By: Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator

On Sunday, November 16, 2014 Ghostbusters NJ and North Jersey Ghostbusters (Facebook) staff will be attending the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show, South Jersey’s not so large and only (we think) comic con. If getting an opportunity to meet us isn’t enough, the Avengers could be there. And Batman. A Man Of Steel too!

Oh alright, fans may be at JSCBS dressed as their favorite Marvel and DC characters. One character you won’t be able to miss because he’s real and wears red is Santa Clause. The real one, not that one time Bill dressed as Santa with a Proton Pack which Ghostbusters International milked for all it was worth. And they could still again if they have the file. 😀

You’ll also be able to see a TV Batmobile replica, buy comic related stuff, meet comic book artists, and maybe take pictures of official Ghostbusters NJ vehicles.

Jersey Shore Comic Book Show is at the Elks Lodge in beautiful downtown Toms River, NJ. 600 Washington St. Where coincidentally (or is it) GBNJ has an authorized repair facility and possibly a protection grid we can’t disclose to the public.

Tickets cost ready for this $2. If you’re going in one of those other super hero costumes you might be able to get in for free. Support the arts anyway and the local economy.

Photo Source: Jersey Shore Comic Book Show


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