Case File Added: GBNJ Vs the Zombie Apocalypse


Written By: Richard Roy, Delayer Of De-Classified Files

Around the time of a much deserved vacation Bill wrote and authorized a case file to be added to our Cases section. I didn’t have enough time then to work with it. While some of the others are off in PA, (probably getting us involved in another lawsuit) I was finally able to put one of our biggest case files from March 2015 up.

Titled GBNJ Vs. the Zombie Apocalypse (Catchy huh?) it tells the story in a classic way about how Ghostbusters NJ, our friends from NYC Ghostbusters, and Vigo was involved with a zombie horde. As you’re all still alive you can imagine the outcome.

Their are also videos which don’t capture all the details. They’ve been on our YouTube Channel since early April.

Photo Credit: Roderick Paulus (Facebook)


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