New Case Files Declassified


Written By Richard Roy, Organizer Of Case Files

If you’ve watched Ghostbusters NJ: The Series Episode 2 you’ve gotten a glimpse of what our case files (at least the printed kind) look like. That didn’t set well with state government. Until we re-organized (we did, didn’t we?) we weren’t allowed to publicly release (declassify) newer GBNJ case files.

I’m not exactly sure we still aren’t tied up in red tape. That didn’t stop Greg McHugh, District 3 Coordinator from writing two new case files and myself from publishing them.

In March at Monster-Mania Con GBNJ dealt with major paranormal disturbances, including two biggies from the Ghostbusters past. You know the event, now read the case file!

In May as part of Free Comic Book Day GBNJ personnel investigated a comic book shop, blue slime, and a hot dog cart that was giving off familiar readings. You know the day, now read the case file!


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