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Posted: 9/6 BY: Richard Roy

All: It might be labor day, however GBNJ hardly gets time off, let alone a day..well usually. A few weeks ago I started thinking about these events and how certain things that have been connected could be used to predict more of BACCARDIOs moves. The statistical probabilities are staggering. But could I be right? Being late at night and not quite trusting my own judgment, I checked all my notes and saw a very familiar name: Nostradamus.

I tried to get a little sleep, but was up very early accessing all available information on Nostradamus, from his bio to his quatrains. I came across this:

When the one of the Black Heart returns,

all the New World will tremble

as the the Great Earthquake releases it’s prisoners,

and the 4 plagues will befall mankind.

I immediately called Bill and we met up at HQ asap.

Did Nostradamus predict what is to come? We’d call that a big yes.

Posted: 9/7 BY: Bill Malkin

Ok this might be beating the dead horse, but here’s how Rich and I dissected the prediction:

“all the New World will tremble” – This could refer to the New World as the lands discovered by Columbus, or perhaps his vision showed the technological marvel we live in today and he is actually referring to the the West. especially if he plans on bringing a global electronic void like the one that currently surrounds the Sickman’s Mill.

“the 4 plagues will befall mankind”- This possibly refers to the 4 Horsemen and the various “plagues” they bring: FAMINE, PESTILENCE, WAR, and DEATH

“the Great Earthquake releases it’s prisoners”- The “Great Earthquake” that signifies the end of the world Kevin told us was from the Bible. There has already been much discussion here about the how the earthquake might be realized.

This last part is the thing that stumped Rich and I.

“When the one of the Black Heart returns”- We could easily just call the “Black Heart” BACCARDIO and be done, but in science (even Occult Sciences) we need more evidence then just a baseless assumption. Then it hit me! If we separate BACCARDIO and the double ‘C’s we get BAC & CARDIO. We know the “cardio” is a word meaning “of the heart” as in “Cardiac Arrest” = “Stopping of the heart”. BAC is only 2 letters of from BlACk. We know that over time english words tend to get simplified. Say “black cardio” five times as fast as you can and damned if you’re not yelling BACCARDIO.

Posted: 9/25 BY: Glitch

Ouch! This doesn’t look good guys, and I’m afraid I’gonna add to the bleaker picture here. I was looking up an Edgar Cayce, a really big prophet back in the late twentieth century. Now, personally, I’ll be the first to tell you that if the man had been alive today, I wouldn’t like him, but he did predict an interesting new world:

The Atlantic coast of America would be altered, especially around New York and Connecticut. New York City would disappear.

He then goes on to tell us that most of California will be lost in earthquakes, America will be altered, etc, but what got me is you guys are going first! And he never said how you just disappear. And on an archeology note, Alexandria, Egypt was “lost” when an earthquake sent it to the bottom of the ocean.

Funny how Cayce mentioned that a few years before it was found…

Posted: 10/3 BY: Glycerine

Yeah, that’s something to be dealt with when the time comes.. The best that all of us can really do is in some way work on preparing for the worst case scenario…

Posted: 10/3 BY: Richard Roy

Gly: Bill and I have been preparing for the worse case scenario. Well we didn’t expect to go out of business, however before that, we modified our packs. See the GBNJ thread for more. I’ll send you the new plans.

>> Early October


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