August 13, 2004


GBNJ Case 66.3 (I never realized that the BACCARDIO File was case 666, weird – Bill)

Customer: N/A (Freebee’s stink! – Rich)

Place: Belleville Asylum, Belleville, NJ

Date: August 13, 2004

Primary: Bill Malkin Secondary: Richard Roy


A glowing roof top. Yeah, this can’t be good.

Most of July and all of August have been quite busy for us Ghostbusters. We seem to be living up to our 24/7 motto quite literally, and with school up coming for some employees and no end in sight we’re seemingly screwed. This has nothing to do with this particular event except fill you in on what’s been going on and of course let you know why this major event is only being handled by 2 busters, granted Rich and I are 2 of the best, but still another body would have been nice.

Knowing today was Friday the 13th, I expected something crazy to happen, and it did. I was working AM “Spook Patrol” with Rich Roy out of the GBNJ: North substation. Throughout most of the damp morning we were receiving calls that Rich could only describe as “Mass Food Spoilage”. From all over Essex county we got calls from grocers, supermarkets, and convenience stores that all perishable and non-perishable food items were rotting right on the shelves regardless of the expiration date. During our investigation we found not spooks, specters, or ghosts hell we didn’t even find trace amounts of ectoplasm. The PKE valences were off the chart though. If we couldn’t find the source and stop it. Essex county was going to to hungry very soon. We decided to return to HQ to hash out some ideas.

Then the break it the case fell into our lap. We got a call from the Bellville Asylum. They we’re reporting strange behavior for their patients. (Well stranger then a bulilding full of insane people would act, I guess.) It was a short drive from HQ so we loaded up the ECTO-C and took off, and that’s when the weird shit began. When we left it was overcast, and kinda drizzley. As we approached there was a clap of thunder then out of nowhere came the most torrent downpour I have ever seen. Within minutes streets were flooded and visibility was zero.


Inside the ECTO-C looking at a convoy of emergency vehicles.

We had to stop and wait out the storm. Not that we’re wusses or anything, but have you ever fought off the end of the world in damp clothes with a Nuclear Accelerator strapped to your back? No? Well then shut up already! We returned to HQ to see if we could at least grab some rain gear when the storm broke. So we hustled over to the Belleville Asylum. Once we arrived we knew something was not right.


Is this why we can’t get Twinkies?

The top of the building had a suspicious glowing temple like thingy. Using or collective powers of reasoning Rich and I determined that this was not normal, and must be the cause of the “Mass Food Spoilage”. Rich tried taking some readings, I just wanted to blast the thing. luckily Rich won that battle and he took some readings that will later prove invaluable to the investigation. After convincing the orderlies that we weren’t escaped nut jobs and that we could actually stop this thing, we climbed to the top of this temple thing and we’re now staring into the temple and have no freakin’ clue of how to stop it. Thinking our time was short Rich thought of a plan. “Cross the streams”. Now I don’t normally like plans that as Dr. Spengler says, “causes all life to stop instantaneously, and every molecule in our bodies to explode at the speed of light.” Hell I kinda like my molecules right where they are! (Though I wouldn’t mind losing a few around the midsection. -Bill) But Rich reassured me that according to Dr. Spengler’s article: Crossing the Sreams: Reverse Particle Generation in the Repulsion of Class VII metaspecters in 1984 streams needed to be crossed to close the doorway on Gozer, and they were fine.


We saved New Jersey. How are we going to get down?

I reluctantly gave in. I took up a position one one side of the temple and Rich was on the other. We fire at the temple, our streams merge and the temple began to glow even brighter. Then a beam of light fires up toward the sky. We cut the streams and the Belleville Asylum is returned to normal…minus the hole where the temple used to be. Rich postulated that the temple must have been some sort of spiritual refracting lens designed for the sole purpose of focusing spiritual energy and our combined beams must have been intensified and the enough to break the link to the etheric planes.

Once back at HQ we began running the data through the various programs we have downloaded from GBI and we have come across one logical conclusion. The data points to BACCARDIO and the food thing would seem to be the work of the HORSEMAN of FAMINE. we can’t prove the link, but the data points in that direction. We did not see the so called horseman, so that either means he didn’t come through yet or he’s gone. If he is indeed long gone, we have a serious problem as to now one of the 4 seals has been opened. But if the latest case from the OGBs is connected we could also be facing 2 open seals.

8.22.04 UPDATE: Today I was looking into the reason why the Bellville Asylum (see above) was the center of this disturbance. It seems that the building was built by everyone’s favorite architect, Ivo Shandor. It seems that the Bellville Asylum was the last building he built in the 1930’s and apperently was the last place he lived. When authorities learned of the cult he fronted they had him committed. Ivo used the last bit of influence he had to ask to be placed in the Belleville Asylum. The judge agreed and Ivo died there some years later.

I believe that the building’s he created all have portals built into their architecture. Like the substructure of 550 (now 55) Central Park West. Glass on the pyramid at the top of the building is made from refining jenruax crystals. These crystals thought to be depleted were mentioned in many ancient cultures for there refractive abilities and also as many myths point out, their ability to focus supernatural forces.

>> August 22, 2004


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