GBNJ Personnel Check On Holiday Inn Paramus Location


Written By Richard Roy, former guest of Holiday Inn.

In the late 80s, Dr. Venkman had a show, World Of The Psychic. Respectable people within our business (sorry Milt) didn’t really want to be interviewed about the unusual in the world. Something Dr. V and my employers are pretty familiar with. Peter couldn’t even get the guy who bends the spoons.

On one of his last shows he had two guests on, psychics. With respect to Elaine, you weren’t only wrong, you were so wrong. The world won’t be ending on February 14, 2016. Milt would have been right, my employers figured out what was going on, went back into business, dealt with “mood slime,” stopped Vigo, and even received a key to the city.

Just in case Bill Malkin and Tom Gebhardt were happy to drive in less than two hours to Holiday Inn’s Paramus, NJ location. We’re happy to report a valences were within normal tolerances, we didn’t see a space ship, (that we know of) and no alien life forms. Unless you can count those Garden State mall teenage mall dwellers.

Sometime after giving a slight discount and selling one of our end of the world insurance policies, Elaine had an explanation for why the world did not end on February 14, 2016.

“As long as their is more love then slime the world goes on.” – Elaine/Some alien that isn’t E.T

What a sweet sentiment psychic fraud. The world goes on because the human race is strong. And we Ghostbusters stop world ending paranormal events.

With money for a stop at Wawa, Holiday Inn thanked every Ghostbuster (in a way) via their Twitter account.



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